advanced seating solutions for simulators

advanced seating solutions for simulators

Cleemann Simulator Seats is a division of Cleemann Chair-Systems GmbH – Germany.  We at Cleemann  have been providing customers with ergonomic seating solutions for almost 45 years.

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of pilotchairs and operator seats not only for the maritime industry but also for professional simulator companies, airlines and the defence industry.

Our customized  products offer optimum solutions for most comfortable and functional seating  and  have been designed in order to meet  all special ergonomic workplace requirements. The modular design of our S.I.M. seats offers users maximum flexibility.


Nowadays Cleemann makes use of the latest Solid Works 3D software in order to present a fast and professional solution when the standard does not fit.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001. Our products successfully passed different crash, shock and vibration tests.

Being situated in Ense, Germany near the industrial metropolitan Ruhr Area, we are performing global presence being supported by trading partners and agents all over the world. 


The S.I.M. Concept

Seats - Individual - Modular

The S.I.M. concept allows you to customize an operating seat with almost unlimited options. Depending on your requirements you have numerous combination possibilities. We will guide you through our range of  high quality seats and will surely find the best seating solution for you.

If the standard does not fit we would also be happy to design and produce your "customized" S.I.M.  seat  .  Pls. contact our sales team for support. 


We already designed and produced our S.I.M. seats for
the following companies  (among others):

Telecom italia

german armed forces

US Navy
TU Munich

Other divisions

Since 1978, Cleemann Chair-Systems have been providing highly sophisticated, functional and extremely comfortable pilot chair systems to shipbuilders and shipowners all over the world.
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Cleemann Navy Seats is our special divison focusing on functional, extremely  comfortable and shock approved  pilot chair systems for navies, coastguards, governmental clients and shipbuilders.
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Cleemann Simulator seats
a division of cleemann chair-systems gmbh

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